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New oil harvest 2021-2022

Extra virgin olive oil Spelunca de la Espluga Calba with designation of origin Les Garrigues

Espluga Calba extra virgin olive oil is made with 100% Arbequina olives hand-picked directly from the tree and at their optimum point of ripeness.
The oil is made in the traditional way using a pressing system that guarantees the preservation of the natural biological and organoleptic properties, with the quality of the freshly harvested Arbequina olives.
The result we achieve is the best extra virgin olive oil that we offer for sale to all our customers.
To buy the arbequina olive oil we have our facilities in the cooperative of La Espluga Calba and web, where you can buy extra virgin olive oil both in 5-litre and 2-litre bottles.


The Spelunca Premium specialty is the result of a detailed care, starting by selecting the best olives from each tree at its tightest time of ripening and pressing them with the utmost care and diligence.

This oil, like everything produced by the cooperative, is included in the Les Garrigues Designation of Origin, which each harvest renews confidence in our production, guaranteeing and certifying with its seal that it has passed all quality controls.

This high quality oil is made 100% with Arbequina olives, picked daily by hand, at their optimum ripening point. They are brought to the cooperative by the farmer himself without intermediaries and the oil is traditionally made by the pressing system, which guarantees the conservation of both biological and organoleptic natural properties, with the quality of the freshly harvested olives.

It is bottled in dark glass so that the light does not alter the taste or any of its extraordinary properties.

It has green tones at the beginning of the season and as the olives ripen, it takes on a more golden color. The first oil to be made is the fruit, in greener tones, with a body and flavor with grassy connotations, with a taste of green almonds and a wild touch in the woods.

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