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Ingredients for 4 people:

1 plain yoghurt, the yoghurt container of extra virgin olive oil, 2 of sugar, 3 of flour, 1 sachet of baking powder, 2 eggs, 100g candied fruit, 50g chopped walnuts, 50g chopped almonds and a little butter for the mould.

    1. 1. Butter the bottom and sides of the baking tin, sprinkle with flour and line with baking parchment.
    2. 2. Mix the yoghurt with the sugar, extra virgin olive oil, egg yolks, flour and baking powder in a bowl. Beat the egg whites until stiff and add them to the batter.
    3. 3. Chop the fruit, sprinkle with a little flour so that they don’t go to the bottom.
    4. 4. Add the fruit and nuts to the batter. Fill the mould, sprinkle the almonds on top and bake in the oven at 180º for 35-40 minutes.