Tel. 973 15 60 13 | Oli d'oliva Verge Extra L'Espluga Calba
oli del raig. Cooperativa de l'Espluga Calba

Sale of unfiltered oil to the Cooperative of L’Espluga Calba.

This year our cooperative has increased its sales of olive oil, the price of the 5 litre carafe is 25 €/unit and the 2 litre carafe is 11 €/unit.

The olive oil of the raig is extra virgin olive oil without filtering. It is made from the first cold-pressed olive.

An explosion of aromas that is a pleasure for the senses.

The process is mechanical. This oil does not go through the filtering machine.

You can buy it at the Cooperativa Agrària Espluguenca de L’Espluga Calba. By phone: Tel: 973 15 60 13