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extra virgin olive oil from las garrigas

SPELUNCA, the arbequina olive oil from the Espluga Calba cooperative

Our oil is made 100% with Arbequina olives, picked daily by hand directly from the tree, at their optimum point of ripeness. The oil is made in the traditional way by the pressing system, which guarantees the preservation of the natural biological and organoleptic properties.


A mountain landscape

La Espluga Calba is a municipality in Las Garrigas, in the high part of the region, at an altitude of 434m, on the western slopes of the Tallat mountain range, which divides the Conca de Barberà and Urgell.

The terrain is very varied, ranging from elevated, stony ground to cool valleys where olive trees are cultivated.

Our trees grow in places far from polluting industries, surrounded by pine forests, which purify the air and bring balsamic qualities to the surrounding crops.

The olive trees of the Espluga Calba cooperative are surrounded by aromatic plants such as rosemary, lavender, thyme and an incredible variety of autochthonous flora characteristic of the crossbreeding of the Mediterranean and continental climates. The soil has a high mineral content that nourishes the olive trees.


A climate of contrasts

The climate is very contrasting, the winter is very cold, it snows many years and at night the temperatures drop below freezing. This is beneficial for the farmers because many insect pests cannot withstand the cold and chemical treatments are saved.

By autumn the olives ripen and these temperature fluctuations during the season strengthen the plants and give a very special flavour to the oil and wine.


extra virgin olive oil from las garrigas

The arbequina extra virgin olive oil

Our oil is made 100% with arbequina olives, picked daily by hand directly from the tree, at their optimum point of ripeness. They are taken to the cooperative by the farmer himself without intermediaries. The oil is produced in the traditional way using the pressing system, which guarantees the preservation of both the natural biological and organoleptic properties, with the quality of the olives freshly harvested and packaged in the cooperative itself.

Extra virgin olive oil has greenish tones at the beginning of the season and as the olives ripen they take on a more golden colour. The first oil to be produced is the fruity one, with greener tones.


Health properties

Extra virgin olive oil is an exceptional and basic nutrient in the traditional Mediterranean diet, essential for a healthy and balanced diet, because as well as containing vitamins A, D and K, it is particularly rich in vitamin E, which has antioxidant and cell membrane regenerating effects. It also has many therapeutic indications when applied externally in massages and ointments with skin protective and healing effects on wounds and ulcers. It protects the digestive system, reducing gastric acidity, stimulates bone mineralisation and calcium loss. It helps to lower blood pressure, regulate cholesterol and cleanse the arteries and is especially recommended by dieticians for children, athletes and the elderly.


In the kitchen

Not only restaurateurs, gourmets and specialists know how to appreciate this “liquid gold”. The sensation it leaves on the palate is intense, full-bodied, as it is the juice of a natural fruit, the arbequina olive. Enjoying a slice of toast with a good splash of our oil is in itself a gourmet’s delight.

It is especially recommended to be eaten raw, so that its aromas and properties are 100% appreciated. It is ideal in salads, aioli, bread with tomato, romescos and all kinds of sauces. It is also a good choice for frying, because it grows in the frying pan and withstands high temperatures very well without degrading.


The Cooperative

Founded in 1957, it has 90 members who work the olive trees with passion and effort to produce one of the best oils in the world.