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extra virgin olive oil from the Espluga Calba Cooperative

The new harvest of extra virgin olive oil

The harvest season is beginning and this season, due to the extremely hot and dry weather, the olive trees have reduced their production by half, although our farmers have made an effort to give the trees support irrigation and care in the fields to obtain good olives rich in antioxidants that will give us an extra virgin olive oil with powerful aromas and excellent quality.
The first oil we make, green, is already available. Green oil is ideal for dressing toast with its powerful flavour.
We harvest it first thing in the morning and at the end of the afternoon to avoid the heat and so that it does not lose its nuances, respecting the ripening rhythm of the arbequina olive.
In these difficult times we must collaborate by protecting nature in the face of climate change and the problems of abandonment of the rural environment. A good resource is to market our unbeatable extra virgin olive oil from arbequina olives in local areas, we want our customers to visit us and see the production process from the olives to the oil.
We also want to show solidarity in these difficult times by moderating our prices so that it is not an effort for anyone to enjoy our extra virgin olive oil, which has such good effects on health.